We’re here to protect our kids and their future – that’s why sustainability lies at the heart of our work.

It all starts with our mission: we champion an active childhood to raise a generation ready for the world to come. Our mission forms the foundation of our sustainability work, and our sustainability strategy is built around it. The strategy can be summarized in three themes: sustainable product, responsible supply chain, and commitment to all stakeholders.

In these pages, you can find out how we turn these themes into action, and how we work to make our products and operations even more sustainable – for people and the planet.

Sustainability - Products


We make high-quality, long lasting products that can be passed on and reused. Our products are known for their high quality, durability and safety. Find out about how we ensure product sustainability through various standards and initiatives.


In recent years, we have made a remarkable shift towards more sustainable materials in all our collections. Read how we work with environmentally preferred – such as recycled and organic – and certified materials.

Sustainability - Materials
Sustainability - Climate


As climate change and climate science advance, we are also taking further steps to reduce our impact. We have committed to reducing our emissions with Science Based Targets, and our own operations have been carbon neutral since 2020. Learn more about our carbon footprint, our commitments and our offsetting projects.

Supply chain

Supply chain

We build long-term, collaborative partnerships with our suppliers. To ensure respect for human and labour rights, all our finished goods suppliers are third-party audited. Our product and material supplier lists are public, and we update them regularly.

Partners and memberships

We work together with our partners in order to make an impact. Reima is also a proud member of various sustainability networks and organizations.

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