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What's it like to work at Reima? Who better to answer than our employees! Our talented team includes experts in several areas, working in Reima offices and stores around the world. Learn how some of them describe their work at Reima.

Mason Pech

Mason Pech


Mason manages Reima’s North American operations. Simply put, whatever gear is coming in, Mason ensures it gets to the right store or warehouse shelf on time. Day to day, his work involves a lot of data management, relations with carriers, and coordinating with sales people, among other things.

“It’s almost like working for a startup, because the North America cluster is so small and new and the work is fast paced. My role is interesting because I get to connect the dots, put together information in a useful way, improving operations, communication and decision-making through data.”

Mason has years of experience from several business functions from sales to internal audits to business intelligence. That’s a huge asset in a startup-like environment, where you need a level of tolerance for unpredictable situations and to be able to support colleagues from different functions. As Mason started at Reima during the pandemic, the constantly shifting global environment has added a layer of uncertainty. “You always learn as you go along, but especially at times like these.”

His favourite thing about working for Reima? “I love the people I’m working with!"

Suvi Löppönen


Suvi works as a deputy store manager in Finland. She has worked in fashion retail for over ten years, which has suited her well. Before her current role, in addition to sales she has been responsible for the visual merchandise of the store. As store manager, she’s gained many new responsibilities such as sales reporting, weekly shift and task planning and managing logistics. She’s now had an opportunity to develop leadership skills both in task delegation and mentoring her team members. “The best parts about working for Reima are the unity and team spirit, both among our own team and the store managers, and I’m sure also among the office staff. Everyone is always ready to lend a hand when you need help.”

Suvi notes that as the child is often the main customer in the store, welcoming them is particularly important. “Great customer experiences are the best treat in my job.” Suvi also likes planning the look and feel of the store. “It’s important that people enjoy their experience with us.” And people really do enjoy it with Suvi: one repeat customer from some years back popped in just to say hi to Suvi – and left with shopping bags.

Suvi Löppönen
Mikko Niiranen

Mikko Niiranen


Mikko has been a designer at Reima for over three years. He focuses on urban junior styles for older kids. Prior to Reima, Mikko designed mainly adults’ outerwear for over ten years.

Mikko’s favourite part of his job is ideation and brainstorming for a new collection; freely researching trends, finding inspiration and vibing with the material. He likes that Reima makes quality products for a real need: “In general, it’s challenging to be sustainable while making commercially viable products.” All Reima products are designed to last from one kid to another, using resources as efficiently as possible.

In the future, Mikko hopes that Reima’s premium collections would expand. With the premium styles, the focus is on a luxury look and feel in addition to sustainable materials, so the products are more likely to appeal to juniors with more particular tastes.