Our purpose

We champion an active childhood to raise a generation ready for the world to come.

At Reima, we believe that kids are made to move. That’s why we are dedicated to making the world’s most durable, functional, comfortable, easy-care activewear for kids – clothes that allow kids to move freely and learn by doing, no matter the weather. Our mission is to gear up the next generation of happy, active kids, preparing them for the world to come.

Our purpose

High-quality solutions for every weather and moment

We’re proudly Finnish, and our Nordic know-how inspires us to give the benefits of an active childhood to all.  All our products and services are designed to make an active childhood easier and to help families to make the most of their time with kids.

In our more than 80 years of expertise, we’ve learned that in kids’ clothing, small details matter. It’s the countless little things we do that make a difference, proving our commitment to innovating children’s playtime forever.

Our building blocks


We’ve helped three generations of snow-playing Finns brave the Nordic winters. And because play is proven to give children a better future, we design for every season and think of every detail that will help make an active childhood accessible to all.


We’re here to protect our children and their future, that’s why sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. From our material innovations to our recycling initiatives, we think of every last detail.


In Finland, we believe it’s the little moments that matter. And small gestures can make a huge difference. From equality to quality of life, learn more about our Nordic DNA and how it can help parents everywhere.


It’s our countless little innovations that make a difference. From award-winning clothes, products & services to responsibility initiatives, we are the global experts in giving every kid an active childhood.