Our strategy

Reima’s strategy is built on a drive for innovation, high quality, sustainability and the will to offer solutions that contribute to happy and healthy childhood.

We are helping parents to find the right clothes for their kids with a limited amount of time they have. Reima offers families products that are comfortable, functional and durable. Easy-to-buy, -use and -care solutions bring convenience that encourages to repeat purchases and increases customer loyalty.

Reima's strategic cornerstones are

  • Desirable and sustainable year-round collection
    We expand our offering particularly in mid- and summer seasons and in footwear.

  • Global digitally geared business model
    We continue the rapid growth in North America, China and key markets in Europe.

  • World-class customer experience with digital in core
    We focus on engaging consumers and improving their loyalty.

  • Transparent, efficient and responsible supply chain
    Scalable platform and long-term partners working towards more responsible and climate-friendly value chain

  • Commercial, innovative mindset and agile team culture
    We have a talented team with high engagement. Innovation has been in the core of our culture from day 1.

Global growth with digital

Our omni-channel sales approach is scalable and tailored according to the market maturity and competitive landscape. We have own sales operations in around 10 countries and the other markets are served by local distributors and ecommerce operations.

Reima has strong digital capabilities and in 2023, 53% of Reima’s total revenues came from digital sales channels. In addition, Reima has a wide selection of wholesale partners from sports and kids’ specialty stores to high-end department stores and hypermarkets.

In certain markets, Reima’s retail stores play a key role in increasing brand awareness and strengthening the customer experience. About half of the stores are Reima’s own and the other half are operated by franchise partners. In 2023, 43% of Reima’s total revenue came from direct-to-consumer channels, namely Reima online and retail stores.

Reima strategic position

Reima has a globally unique position in the intersection of functional outdoor brands and fashion-driven children’s brands. In addition to the main brand Reima, our Tutta brand is available in some mature markets.

Our strategic target is to become even more digital, global and sustainable, while improving consumer loyalty and business profitability.