Just like kids love playing, we’ve always relished a challenge. Product excellence and innovations have always been at the heart of our success.

The philosophy behind our innovations is simple: to give every kid an active childhood and help families to make most of their time with kids. Whether it’s about comfortable wind- and rainproof coatings, clothes that repeal insects or innovative digital services, we think of every last detail.

As a global leader of kids’ outdoor clothes, we’re passionate about innovating, doing clothes differently and working determinedly towards a sustainable clothing industry.

Product innovations

Innovations Reimatec


We introduced Reimatec in 1995 and soon that name became a synonym for quality outdoor clothing. Reimatec is a durable and sustainable coating that we use in almost all our outdoor clothes. It keeps kids dry and comfortable all day long in any type of weather. A non-toxic DWR (durable water repellency) finish on the surface Reimatec fabrics repels water and dirt, so there’s less laundry: very often you can just wipe the garment clean.

100% recyclable monomaterial products

We are strongly committed to improving circularity and sustainability in fashion. Clothes are often difficult to recycle because of the various mixed fibers – and the key for easily recyclable clothing is reducing the number of different materials in a product. That’s why Reima has created the Monomaterial collection: performance wear made of one fiber type all the way down to the waterproofing. Our monomaterial products are made to be used by several kids, and then handed back to Reima for recycling back into polymers – and ultimately into whole new products.

Innovations monomaterial
Innovations anti-bite

Anti-Bite Collection

Based on a biodegradable repellent, the Reima Anti-Bite collection stops bugs in their tracks and keeps kids safe from nasty nippers and harsh chemicals. The colourless and odourless chemical is gentle on the skin and has been deemed safe both by WHO and EPA. It repels mosquitoes, ticks, sand flies, biting flies, wasps, bees, ticks and even head lice, but it doesn’t kill bugs and doesn’t interfere with nature's process.

Xylitol Cool

Reima introduced the smooth, elastic Xylitol Cool fabric for kids with the hottest times of summer in mind. The innovative tech of Reima Xylitol Cool lowers body temperature, keeping kids cool and fresh during summer activities. Xylitol Cool gets its name and its cooling effect from xylitol, which is a naturally-occurring sweetener found in certain fruits, vegetables and plants. The completely safe and non-toxic finish lasts for at least 20 washes.

Innovations Xylitol Cool

Service innovations

Innovations Baby Box

Reima Baby Box

Inspired by Finland’s famous Baby Box tradition, Reima Baby Box provides all the essential wear a baby will need during the first six months. The box includes 17 pieces of premium baby items in gender-neutral, Nordic design. All items are made with no harmful chemicals and designed to make life with a baby easier and smoother.

Reima App

Reima App is the ultimate kidswear app for busy parents. The award-winning app was first launched with the title Reima Weather: the service provides dressing tips for local weather conditions and makes sure that kids are always prepared, whatever the weather. In the new Reima App, weather-based dressing tips are combined with effortless shopping, superb customer benefits, and personalized product recommendations. The app also gives families inspiration on fun things to do outside.


Innovations Reima App