It’s the small details that make the big difference – and earn us the awards, too.

Product excellence and innovations have always been at the heart of our work. That’s why our high-quality products and innovative services have been regarded with numerous industry awards. Our products are also usually among the top performers in consumer tests, and very often winners.


Tallustelu shoes win ISPO Award and Scandinavian Outdoor Award

"Barefoot shoes enable healthy growth and make walking a whole new experience. Unlike some other health shoes for kids, the Tallustelu looks cool and is even suitable for real outdoor adventures." (ISPO jury)

"‘Barefoot’ sauntering in the wet has no barriers anymore." (SOA jury)

Tallustelu Award pic
Megapito award


Megapito winter boots win ISPO Award and Scandinavian Outdoor Award

“With the Megapito winter boot, Finnish children's apparel specialist Reima has achieved a small masterpiece: Combining high-quality premium components with a lightweight and child-friendly design.”


Osteri jacket wins Scandinavian Outdoor Award and ISPO Award

"This children's jacket is the first bluesign® product of the Finnish brand Reima. It is made of a combination of very interesting sustainable materials. - - In addition, the jacket is comfortable to wear and has all the features that children need."

Osteri SOG ISPO award


Reimatec Muutun jacket wins ISPO Award

"With the Muutun, Reima shows a classic and high-quality all-weather jacket that can be passed down from child to child in the family or among friends – for years to come."

Reimatec Muutun Award
Reima Weather App Award


Reima Weather App wins German Design Award

"Lovely weather forecast for families with weather-based suggestions for the right clothing for your children. - - - In an appealing design that is joyful, even in bad weather."


Reimatec Voyager jacket wins German Design Award

"To this day, the brand has remained consistently true to its philosophy. This is impressively reflected in the high quality of the Voyager children’s, timeless and functionally thought-out design and a material that can be up to 100% recycled."

Reima Voyager Award
Coffee bean Nappa award


Reima Coffee Bean jackets win the NAPPA award in the U.S.

"This jacket is sure to become a favorite — warm, cozy and stylish. Reima’s innovation keeps kids warm like a cup of coffee!"


Anti-Bite hoodie Vahti wins the Scandinavian Outdoor Award

"Treating organic cotton with a non-toxic, long lasting insect repellent, the Finnish brand Reima created a super comfortable, sustainable fabric for children apparel that gives great protection against mosquitos or other bothersome or harmful insects."

Anti-bite Scandinavian outdoor award
Reima Weather App Scandinavian outdoor award


Reima Weather App wins the Scandinavian Outdoor Award

"The jury liked that the app addresses children’s and parents’ need in an appealing package with language and graphics that speaks to both. The in-app challenges are an attractive way to get families more involved in the outdoors."


Reimatec Kulkija jacket wins the Scandinavian Outdoor Award

"With the insulated Reimatec Winter Jacket Kulkija, you get high-end-performance at a mid-level price."

Kulkija Scandinavian Design Award
EU Safety Award


Reima wins Golden EU Product Safety Award

The European Commission's award recognises businesses going beyond EU requirements for greater consumer safety. Reima was awarded "for ensuring that clothes are not only safe for children but offer extra protection, for instance in the dark".