Reimatec Tromssa is best in kids' snowsuit test

Reimatec Tromssa has again won the kids’ snowsuit test by Bäst i Test, published in Sweden and Norway. Reimatec Gotland was chosen as the first runner-up in the babies' category.

The independent testing site Bäst i Test has again put products into a tough reality test in families’ everyday lives. Their jury consisting of families and children tested waterproof snowsuits during winter 2023-24. Included were styles from several different brands that are available on the Nordic markets in autumn/winter 2024. For Reima, the result of this test came out the same as two years ago.

Tromssa keeps kids dry and warm – and lasts long

The kids’ category winner was Reimatec Tromssa, which the test families praised for its functionality: “The big advantages of Tromssa are how good the overall is at keeping the child warm and dry. Even children who are prone to freezing experience the snowsuits to have just the right amount of warmth." "None of the tested overalls have leaked in, neither snow nor water.”

They also evaluated the durability to be excellent: ”After the end of winter, you can only see that the snowsuits are used if you look closely, up close you can see slight moulting on the knees. Yet they were very active children, who like to kneel at the bandy goal, who have performed the test. There is no doubt that Tromssa quality is at a level that allows for at least 2-3 winters of use, which means that Tromssa can be inherited by younger siblings or sold on when kids have grown out of it.”

The final statement of the Jury sums it all up: "Durable winter snowsuit of top quality, keeps the child warm and dry throughout the winter."

Gotland snowsuit keeps toddlers comfortable in the cold

In the babies and toddlers’ test, last year's test winner Reimatec snowsuit Gotland now ended up second. Just as for Tromssa, the jury praised Gotland’s warmth and durability: “The snowsuit receives the highest marks for its heat-retaining ability of all test families. Children get just the right amount of warmth with a layer of warm clothes underneath.” “Gotland is perceived as durable and remains in good condition even if the child crawls and climbs a lot”.

Their final statement was: “High-performance baby overall with a comfortable fit and excellent warmth and ventilation”.

The secrets behind Reima’s test successes

High-quality durable materials

The long-lasting materials in Reimatec snowsuits boast high abrasion resistance, excellent water pillar values, very good breathability, and a PFAS-free durable water repellent finish that makes parents’ lives easier. Yet the fabrics are flexible, and the suits are light in use.

Professional fit & smart details
  • Reima snowsuits are easy to dress and cut just right for kids to move comfortably in. The seams are taped for maximum protection against water, and the detachable foot loops help keep the leg ends in place during busy play.

  • The faux fur trim on the hood of Gotland snowsuit is not only decorative but has a function, too: it retains warm air around the face, helping kids avoid frost bites. For a less wintery look, the trim can be removed.

  • The hoods are attached with snaps and will easily come off, should they get caught on something – an important safety feature common to all durable Reima outerwear.

Highest level of chemical safety

Reima is a bluesign® system partner: we’re dedicated to ensuring that in our production process, substances posing risks to people and the environment are eliminated from the very beginning.

Meet the snowsuits: