Reima launches a kidswear collection to support WWF’s conservation efforts

The Reima x WWF collection is a tribute to Finland’s mysterious lynx and is made of more sustainable materials.

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Inspired by Finland’s only wild cat, the lynx, the Reima x WWF collection is the next best thing to growing your own fur. Photo by Konsta Punkka for Reima.

The Finnish kidswear brand Reima believes an active childhood helps kids grow up healthy and ready to take on the world to come – our one and only home planet, which we also must protect. This fall, Reima collaborates with WWF to raise funds for nature.

Reima, based in Finland and operational since 1944, currently leads the global market as a kids-only producer of performance wear for all climates. Reima design reflects the Scandinavian way of parenting, enabling kids’ active development of physical skills and exploration of the surrounding world. To this end, the company produces high-quality, tip-to toe gear, perfected down to the smallest detail, for children of all ages.

For school start in fall 2022, Reima introduces a special collection the proceeds from which will go towards supporting WWF’s global conservation work. For every Reima x WWF collection item purchased between 15 July and 31 December 2022, Reima will donate €2 to WWF’s global conservation efforts. The total amount of the contribution – a minimum of €100,000 – will be shared on after the campaign has ended.

Reima is all about caring for our kids and their future. Saving our planet’s precious resources for generations to come is one of Reima’s priorities, which is why the company decided to initiate this cooperation. As Reima Chief Experience Officer Johanna Sarviharju puts it,

We’re so happy to partner with WWF and create this fun sustainable collaboration, starring the lynx! Reima x WWF collection is a concrete action on how much we Finns love our forests and how important it is to protect wildlife and biodiversity, letting our kids and cubs play freely all around the world - now and in the future.

WWF International Corporate Partnerships Director David Bloch says,

WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of our natural environment and build a future where humans live in harmony with nature. We do this work for current and future generations. For this reason, we are excited about this first collaboration with Reima which adheres to a high level of durability and environmental standards, aims to inspire children’s love for the outdoors, and also raise funds for WWF’s conservation work.
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Eco-conscious design, inspired by the shy lynx

The Reima x WWF collection design inspiration is the lynx, Finland’s only wild cat: a quiet, mysterious creature that avoids contact with humans. This intriguing animal has inspired Reima designers to create an elegant, classic children’s collection that’s sure to stand the test of time.

All Finns know the lynx lives in our forests, but it’s so wary most of us never get to see it in nature. In fashion, leopard spots are a long-time favorite, so we thought it a refreshing change to introduce our own spots, based on the beautiful fur of the lynx. This is the backbone of the Reima x WWF collection that raises funds for protecting all nature, explains Sari Perttunen, Reima’s Chief Creative Officer.

Reusing our clothes is by far the easiest way to reduce their environmental impact, and kids can grow out of theirs quite quickly. That’s why Reima clothes are always high quality and made to last. Because the designs as well as the color palette in this collection are timeless, these items can be used by several kids, way beyond their first season.

Easy to mix and match

The Reima x WWF collection consists of nine essential pieces: a light quilted jacket with zip-off sleeves, various cotton jersey garments, and sneakers. They are all designed to work together and take kids in style from the late days of summer all the way to fall when it’s time to start school again.

Apart from the super sweet, hooded toddler overall in sizes 92-116 cm, all clothes come in double sizes 98/104 – 158/164, matching the average kids’ size range from 3 to 14 years.

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Reducing the impact of clothing materials

Recent research shows the textile industry’s environmental impacts are mostly connected to the making of textile materials. When choosing materials, Reima designers always keep environmental factors in mind. For the jacket, they chose 100% recycled polyester that has a much smaller carbon footprint than virgin material. The main fabrics and insulation are all 100% recycled and also bluesign® approved*, and as usual, the surface of the main fabric is finished to be water and repellent without fluorocarbons**. For the innerwear, organic cotton was the obvious choice, as no harmful pesticides or herbicides are allowed in its making. In the sneakers upper, there’s durable hemp and in the grippy Vibram outsoles, there’s a minimum of 30% recycled rubber.

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In cooperation with nature photographer Konsta Punkka

The key image for the Reima x WWF campaign was taken by Konsta Punkka, a Finnish wildlife photographer who has attracted a large fan base for his wildlife photos on social media. During the campaign, Reima will be sharing Konsta’s pro tips on photographing animals and nature for those who are interested in using their own cameras to observe nature’s wonders.

Interesting fact: At the time when this press release was written, despite many years of effort, Konsta still hadn’t managed to capture a portrait of the lynx! So, this beautiful cat continues enchanting him, as it has enchanted and inspired Reima designers.

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