Helping the children of Ukraine – Over 6000 Euros to UNICEF from Reima's sample sale

The war in Ukraine has shaken the economy and politics of the entire world, yet the most damaging effect of this war - and any war - is its toll on children.

Our charity sample sale to support children in Ukraine took place March 17 - April 27 2022, during which our partner, Emmy, sold an incredible 1,187 Reima samples. We have donated Reima's share of the proceeds, meaning 6,210 Euros, in full, to Ukrainian children through UNICEF's emergency fund. A very warm thank you to all who participated in our sample sales for your support! Together we can be a greater force for good.

Reima donated baby necessities to refugees

In March 2022, Reima donated 13,000 baby clothes and other necessities to refugees through the Finnish Red Cross. They will deliver the supplies to refugee families in Finland, as well as to Red Cross field hospitals around the world.

Reima friends picture