Waterproof Tallustelu shoes win the ISPO Award and Scandinavian Outdoor Award

Reima is a leading kids-only activewear brand based in Finland, with over 80 years’ experience of developing durable apparel for all weather. Reima is especially well known for its functional children’s wear, designed for outdoor play and activities. In recent years, also Reima footwear has gained fame, and now the new waterproof Reimatec barefoot shoes called Tallustelu have won both the ISPO Award and the Scandinavian Outdoor Award.

What makes the Tallustelu shoes a winning pair? This shoe is a clever combination of child-centric design, functional features, and cutting-edge technology. As the ISPO Award jury put it: "Barefoot shoes enable healthy growth and make walking a whole new experience. Unlike some other health shoes for kids, the Tallustelu looks cool and is even suitable for real outdoor adventures." The Scandinavian Outdoor Award jury ends their comment in a concise proclamation: “‘Barefoot’ sauntering in the wet has no barriers anymore.”

Almost like walking barefoot

Barefoot shoes are becoming increasingly popular among families with kids. Shoes that have a very thin sole, no heel drop, and extra room for the toes to grow straight are currently very much sought after, because they support the normal growth and development of kids’ feet. In addition to these features, Reima Tallustelu shoes offer outstanding protection against water, so kids can just keep playing even if it starts to rain.

A summary of Tallustelu shoe features and their benefits :

  • The flexible, thin (4 mm) outsole transmits the stimuli of the ground to the sole of the foot. Thanks to the sole that has no heel drop, the foot stands completely flat in the shoe, like when going barefoot.

  • The more natural position of the foot promotes an undisturbed gait and good posture and trains the foot muscles.

  • The straight, wide last leaves enough room for the ball of the foot and toes. This allows the toes to grow straight.

  • A waterproof yet breathable polyurethane membrane is laminated between the upper and the lining, making the shoe waterproof.

  • The seams are additionally sealed, and the entire shoe is PFAS-free*.

  • The wide opening with elastic laces enables easy pull-on.

  • The insoles have a surface made of recycled polyester. The insoles add some shock absorbance, but they can also be removed.


“Tallustelu” is Finnish. The meaning of the word could roughly be translated as the act of walking around casually. Not in a hurry.

*Why no PFAS?

All Reima wear has been PFAS (PFC/FC/fluorocarbon) free since 2018, and since autumn 2022 there are no more any kind of fluorinated substances in Reima shoes either. Traditional water & dirt repellent PFAS agents are made with fluorine. Their performance is excellent, BUT they are stable - they take a long time to degrade in nature -, accumulate in the environment and in all animals & humans, appear to be carcinogenic, and may affect reproduction and hormone production in mammals.