Reima & FabPatch cooperation chosen on Sitra’s shortlist of circular solutions

Reima, the globally leading brand of kids’ only active outdoor gear, and FabPatch, the Finnish provider of versatile mending patches for clothing, have cooperated since early 2021. This cooperation has now been recognized and given a place on the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s list of circular solutions that tackle biodiversity loss and unlock business growth.

Sitra’s list of top 30 European companies includes pioneering examples from eight European countries. Alongside the list, Sitra has released a first-of-its-kind handbook for developing circular economy business models to deliver on nature targets.

Reima swears by longevity

Striving for circularity comes naturally to Reima – after all, the company started by repurposing old textiles into new outfits already in 1944. Reima’s emphasis on quality and durability in designing kidswear enables a longer use-life and improves reparability to begin with. Demonstrating the durability of Reima wear, most Finns are familiar with the common practice of handing down Reima clothes among family and friends, from one kid to the next, during the past 80 decades. As Reima’s partner, FabPatch produces high-quality textile repair patches that can be customized for co-branded and compatible repair products. Reima stores in Finland have been one of the first retailers for FabPatch™ patches, and FabPatch have also co-created a product with Reima’s own pattern. The adhesive used in the FabPatch™ patches does not contain any substances or solvents that are harmful to human health or the environment, which supports more environmentally friendly production.

R for Reduce – via Repair and Reuse

Kids are masters of wear and tear, and sometimes more than just a patch may be needed. Wherever in Finland you may live, as a Reima loyal customer getting your clothes professionally mended is very easy through Reima’s cooperation with Menddie, Reima also offers its own Repair Kit that comes with several handy spare parts to help Reima clothes run the extra mile. Finally, whether you need to repair your kids’ gear or not, they will grow out of it. That’s why Reima gives its customers an easy platform to resell their clothes via Reima’s 2nd hand partner Emmy, Almost 3000 Reima items were resold through Emmy in 2023, resulting in a considerable reduction of impacts compared to producing the same amount of new clothes.

R for Regeneration – how old clothes can become new fibers

Luckily, for clothes, an end isn’t the end anymore. When kids’ clothes are finally beyond repair, they can be born again. In 2023, Reima carried out a pilot project with the Finnish textile innovator Infinited Fiber Company, creating a batch of hoodies – the world’s first commercial children’s products containing the revolutionary Infinna™ fiber. Research and development in this field is ongoing, and Reima R&D Team looks forward to more projects, hopefully in bigger scale.